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                1. POLICY & REGULATION

                  Control Stardards of Import Scrap Metals

                  Regarding to China released a Draft of Environmental Protection Control Standards for Importing Solid Waste as Raw Materials on 10th August, CMRA hosted a symposium in the morning of 22th August at CMRA office in Beijing, China. Mr. Wang Jiwei, Vice President and Secretary General of CMRA chaired the meeting. At the beginning, Mr. Wang



                  The Biggest Aluminum Section Bar Base in Southwest China

                  On August 28th, 2014, the project of industrial and construction section bar with an annual output of 200,000 tons solemnly started at Sunlight Aluminum Co., Ltd in Sichuan Ganmei Industrial Park with a total investment of 4 billion RMB, a covering area of 2000 mu and a construction period of 3 years. 12 casting production



                  2015 CMRA Annual Convention Concluded

                  Dear distinguished guests and participants, With your support and participation, 2015 CMRA Annual Convention, held in Shangri-La Hotel Ningbo, China during 7-9 Nov., has been successfully concluded. Please accept our sincere thanks and gratitude! CMRA Annual Convention, hosted by CNIA and organized by CMRA, has been trying to become an internationalized platform for the global

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