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                1. POLICY & REGULATION


                  Notice on the Second List of Approved Pre-shipment Inspection Agencies for Imported Solid Waste as Raw Materials

                  According to the?Measures for Supervision and Administration of the Inspection and Quarantine of the Import of Solid Waste That can be used as Raw Materials?and Detailed Rules for Pre-shipment Inspection for Imported Solid Waste as Raw Materials, the second list?of approved?pre-shipment inspection agencies for?imported solid waste as raw materials (see annex) is published. Annex: The



                  The Biggest Aluminum Section Bar Base in Southwest China

                  On August 28th, 2014, the project of industrial and construction section bar with an annual output of 200,000 tons solemnly started at Sunlight Aluminum Co., Ltd in Sichuan Ganmei Industrial Park with a total investment of 4 billion RMB, a covering area of 2000 mu and a construction period of 3 years. 12 casting production



                  CMRA News Express-February

                  Policy: [Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: Advanced Nonferrous Metals Industry Cluster Will Be Built in 2019]?In its key works of 2019,?MIIT?mentioned that it will develop guidelines for the construction of nonferrous metals intelligent mines and factories to guide the construction of intelligent standardization of the industry.?Around the green manufacturing weakness?of traditional industries such as

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